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SmartBenefits Marketplace™ lets employees chose from a wide array of benefits that address their needs perfectly.  Our benefits vendors compete for your business by providing their best prices and benefits solutions.

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Health Plans

Your SmartBenefits consultant will help determine the suite of health plans that best meets the needs of your employees.  Employees can choose from various deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses,and provider networks.  Best of all, employees design a plan to fit their budget.

Supplemental Insurance

If out-of-pocket costs become too much, these policies can provide a cash benefit in case of accidents or critical illnesses.


Various coverage options for check-ups, major dental work and orthodontics.


Preventive exams and corrective lenses, frames and contacts.


A variety of plans, including a personal health coach to help you lose weight, stop smoking or manage chronic illnesses.


Affordable coverage for employees, spouses and children.  In the SmartBenefits Marketplace™, employees and dependents can purchase life insurance without the hassle of medical questions.


You insure your home, your car, maybe even your boat.  Many people forget about insuring the greatest asset of all, your ability to make money.  Short or long term disability insurance can provide income when you can’t work because of an illness or injury (when expenses usually increase).  Long-term disability is a key part of smart planning.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Pre-tax money can be used to pay for medical (including dental and vision) expenses, dependent care, and commuting, regardless of the type of insurance you have.

Health Saving Accounts (HSA)

Pre-tax money can be used to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses.  HSAs are set up with a bank and un-used contributions roll over to the next plan year.

Help Where It's Needed Most

We’ll help find the right doctors, dentists, hospitals and other healthcare providers. We’ll also help expedite appointments, coordinate care, schedule follow-up visits, arrange specialized treatments and tests, and help transfer x-rays and medical test results.  Our team can address questions about complex medical conditions, treatment options, test results and prescribed medications.

Understand Your Benefits

Our experienced representatives will explain your employees’ benefits from copays to getting access to appropriate care. Providing cost estimates for common medical procedures allows for informed decision-making.

Claims Resolution

We help resolve insurance claims and negotiate billing arrangements with providers.

Personalized Service

Our Personal Health Advocates provide ongoing tailored “gaps in care” health coaching.

Employees benefit from direct contact to healthcare professionals and web-based health information to support treatment decisions.

Help in locating eldercare — including assisted living — facilities and answering senior living-related questions.

Program that delivers a quick, individual snapshot of appointments, prescriptions and other healthcare items.

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