control employer costs &
satisfy employee needs
Healthy for employees and your
bottom line

Defined contributions gives employers greater control over the benefits budget. SmartBenefits Marketplace™ lets employees easily choose benefits that fit their unique needs and goals.

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Smart for the employer
  • Controlled Costs:  Defined contribution lets you control your benefits budget.
  • Easy Administration: SmartBenefits Marketplace™ simplifies payroll, eliminates errors and reduces administration time.
  • Satisfied and Happy Employees: Employees see the contribution their employer has provided and can customize their plan by choosing the benefits they value most.
Smart for the employee
  • Controlled Costs: The shopping experience gives you control over what is — or isn’t — deducted from your paycheck. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of using pre-tax money — typically a 30 percent (or more) savings!
  • Easy Administration:  With SmartBenefits Marketplace™, it’s easy to compare plans, prices and enroll.
  • Satisfied and Happy You: You customize your plan and choose the benefits you value and want most.
Show your employees the money

When employees are empowered to shop, they make thoughtful decisions on how to maximize your contribution. This results in employees who understand the plans and appreciate the benefits!